Most people are not just fascinated by technology; today a good number of them are simply obsessed with it. It is hard not to be intrigued by technology; given the immense impact, it has on the lives of people and, well, how it makes our lives a whole lot easier. The most magnificent creation, one that is sometimes dubbed the mother of innovations is the internet. Having a virtual platform that facilitates communication through the ether is cool. Having one that can support businesses and improve the lives of thousands of people around the world is even cooler. In the taxi pontianak industry, the internet has been quite a helpful tool in transforming the method of bookings. Below are some of the really interesting things about online taxi booking.

Applications Use GPS to Find Your Location

If you are using a taksi pontianak app that makes use of a global positioning system to locate your position, then you know how awesome this is. Now, this might not sound so cool to the millennials who are born in technology, but just a few years back, you had to actually call a cab guy and give them the street number and the name of the building or location. This is assuming you could even contact them or had access to their numbers. Well GPS systems make it possible for you to see the taxi points nearest to you and they get to locate your position. This simplifies the process and you at least have a time frame on when you will get picked up.

Cost Calculator

Thanks to the mobile taxi apps that allow you to book and reach a cab driver, you don’t have to wander about the cost of the service. This is great because once the GPS identifies the location you are at and calculates the distance you are traveling, you are automatically given a quotation for the service you have requested. This is good for both the client and the cab guy because sometimes clients would spend to much time bargaining and possibly frustrate the taxi person’s effort to make profits. On the other hand it allows clients to feel confident that there won’t be any surprise charges.

Rating Services

This is definitely another cool feature. Some of the apps give the client and the driver specific IDs this means that the client can rate the service of the driver and the vice versa to. This helps to keep both parties on their best behavior if they want to continue benefiting from the services.


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